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Our Approach

The threat of terrorism throughout the world is rising. Extremist groups, some operating on a global scale look to cause maximum damage and disruption to the status quo as possible. Rarely giving warning, these extremist groups have the capability to target businesses anywhere in the world in fulfilling their agenda.

Organisations and individuals may not be the intended target themselves yet can still be affected by terrorism related activity or events occurring in close proximity to their own operation. An attack not on, but simply near their premises, could result in property damage, business interruption, legal liability issues, denial of access, relocation costs and long-term damage to reputation.

Terrorism insurance is also a requirement for many commercial property leases and is often listed as a condition for bank lending. This has made Terrorism insurance an important consideration for a client seeking to mitigate their exposure to risk.

Scholar and Partners believe that the standard Pool Re scheme has shortcomings and could be financially inefficient and narrow for those clients with specific business operations or large property portfolios who are seeking to minimise their premium expenditure.  Therefore, to address these limitations, we have access to a competitively priced alternative Terrorism Insurance cover 100% underwritten by “A-rated” Insurers at Lloyd’s of London. This scheme has a number of benefits and pricing advantages over the standard Pool Re option, which are summarised and detailed in the titled section What’s Covered.

Cover is similar to Pool Re but extends to include sabotage, acts committed for political, religious or ideological purposes (e.g. animal right, environmental etc.), and acts which solely put the public in fear.
You don’t depend on HM Treasury to agree whether an event was an act of terrorism
Covers includes acts committed by an individual
No types of property are excluded. Cover can include your residential property.
Unlike Pool Re, not every property in the portfolio must be included. Individual properties in a portfolio can be insured
Cover is usually more competitively priced.
A first loss limit can be chosen across a number of geographically spread properties to reflect the lower risk
Price-match available for target business

  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological or Radioactive contamination
  • Information Technology
  • Asbestos
  • Nuclear Installations
  • Confiscation
  • Pollution unless from an act of terrorism or sabotage
  • Emotional distress unless as a consequence of physical injury
  • Strikes, riots or civil commotion unless caused by an act of terrorism
  • War

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