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Our Approach

According to a report conducted by the Law Society, there were 139,624 solicitors across the globe with practising certificates (PC).

Among the 9,488 private practice firms, Partnerships, including sole practitioners, accounted for 45 per cent of firms. (at 31 July 2017)

Whether you have just the one partner or are part of a top-100 firm, Scholar and Partners has the expertise length and experience breadth to assist you with your risk management needs. In addition to our arranging solicitors PI cover, Scholar and Partners as a standard courtesy with all of our partners, provide support throughout the year, providing you with much needed comfort freeing up more time for you to dedicate to your client(s) and your business.

That’s why, on some policies, we are able to access two-year policies – with no conditions, no break clauses – for firms which meet underwriter’s criteria.

Underwriter’s criteria

Established law firms in England and Wales with good claims and disciplinary records including:

– Firms with up to 20 partners

– Small firms with under five partners

– Sole practitioners

– Start-up firms

– General high street firms with a mix of work

– Specialist law firms focusing on:

  • Conveyancing
  • Personal Injury
  • Criminal Law
  • Immigration

Scholar and Partners believe that the standard Solicitors PI policy offered by some has shortcomings and could be financially inefficient for those clients with specific business operations who are seeking to minimise their premium expenditure.  Therefore, to address these limitations, we have access to a competitively priced Solicitors PI insurance cover 100% underwritten and backed by “A-rated” Insurers. For firms which meet underwriter’s criteria, this scheme has a number of benefits and pricing advantages, which are summarised and detailed in the titled section What’s Covered.

Up to £3,000,000 limit of indemnity
2 hours free legal advice if proceedings are brought against the firm by their regulator - for firms which meet underwriter’s criteria
The option to add Cyber and Directors' and Officers' cover designed specifically for the needs of solicitors' firms

  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological or Radioactive contamination
  • Information Technology
  • Asbestos
  • Nuclear Installations
  • Confiscation
  • Pollution unless from an act of terrorism or sabotage
  • Emotional distress unless as a consequence of physical injury
  • Strikes, riots or civil commotion unless caused by an act of terrorism
  • War

Download PI Solicitors’ Proposal form (short) here: Download Proposal form

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