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About the Scholar

Scholar and Partners is a specialist advisory, broking and solutions company that supports our clients (who we like to consider as our “partners”) both locally and internationally, with a solution that befits continued growth and success.

With access to over 200 years of industry knowledge and personal relationships with a vast majority of global insurers, Scholar and Partners are able to serve our partners in more than 125 countries with their insurance needs.

We work with our client/partner to design insurance solutions that manage their exposure to risk, with enhanced benefits and features, helping to strengthen your brand proposition with a view of protecting your company and those individuals that work on your behalf. Needless to say….

Professionalism is our standard.

Next Steps…

Please feel free to contact us via the ‘contact sheet‘, and one of our friendly Scholars will be able to assist you with any query at a time convenient to you. Requesting a quote? Our Scholar can help you with that too.

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